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    The Wheatland Irrigation District Board of Commissioners, at their August regular meeting set the following: The final allotment for the 2020 season is set at 1.50 acre-feet per acre, reflecting a 0.25 acre-feet per acre increase. There will be no further increases; The last day to call in an order for delivery will be Thursday, September 3rd; The No. 1 Canal system will be shut off Saturday morning, September 5th. This includes Lower 1, Lateral and Bordeaux canals; The No. 2 Canal will be shut off Monday, September 7th. Additional days are being allowed the No. 2 Canal due to the unexpected mid-season shut off that users experienced while repairs were made to the Lakeside Canal headgate structure. Please contact the WID office at 322-2740 if you have any questions.

    In accordance with W.S. § 24-1-116, Platte County Road and Bridge reminds water users to adjust their sprinklers and address operation of ditches such that water will not spray upon nor flow across any public road or highway. Additionally, Wheatland Irrigation District Rule 2.08 is in place to discourage waste of irrigation water. Water users are encouraged to familiarize themselves with state laws and irrigation district rules regarding wastewater.

    Please call Dispatch 307-322-2140 BEFORE and AFTER burning ditches. Name and Location of controlled burns helps to minimize unnecessary smoke chases by local and rural fire departments. Thank you for your cooperation.
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  Water Data

Reservoir 1

Level: 7,170 feet
as of 8/4/2020

Reservoir 2

Level: 65,240 feet
as of 8/4/2020

Reservoir 3

Level: 59,225 feet
as of 7/10/2020


8/5/2020    1.50 feet of water per acre   

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  • Monday through Friday, 7 a.m to 4 p.m.
  • While running water we are open thru lunch and open Saturday 7-12 p.m.

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  • 9/9/2020    9:00 am
    Regular Board Meeting


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